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Ban the Bag and Jam the Clam!

A recent ordinance was pasted to ban plastic bags in retail stores for Long Beach Twp municipalities. Read about it HERE in The SandPaper. And don’t forget to bring a bag w/you to the Acme!

For those interested in the surf and surfing here on Long Beach Island the 11th Annual Clam Jam will take place this Sunday, Nov 19th in Harvey Cedars. The event will be held at Hudson Ave and starts at 8AM. It’s a great time to be had by all w/clams on the half shells, chowder, and pizza served along w/the competition. You can read all about the event in detail HERE in The SandPaper.




Beach Fill and a Surf City Runner

Looks like Surf City, Harvey Cedars, and Long Beach Township will be getting more beach replenishment come December. Click here for the details in The Sandpaper.

Some of you may recognize this runner from Surf City. Her name is Regina and she completed all 26.2 miles of the NYC Marathon this past Sunday, Nov 5th. with a time of 06:53:39. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment, Regina!

LBI Schools and Stuck Trucks

Interesting update HERE in The SandPaper about the state of our elementary schools here on the island.

…and here’s a slightly amusing video of how NOT to deliver building materials here on LBI!

Dune Grass Planting and Conch Horn Blowing

If you were lucky enough to be here over the weekend you got to enjoy the beautiful weather and maybe even spied some volunteer dune grass worker planting away!


Dune_Grass_Volunteers (1)

Dune_Grass_Volunteers (3)

….and maybe you even got to stay an extra day to enjoy Monday’s spectacular display of color as the sunset fired away!


For an interesting story about conchs on LBI click here for the scoop from The SandPaper.


Causeway Update and Kite Festival Video


7 p.m. Friday, 10/13/17: The NJDOT has altered the eastbound Rte. 72 approach to the first Causeway trestle bridge, shifting all eastbound traffic into the right lane.
Important: Going over that bridge, there is single-lane traffic in both directions, eastbound and westbound – no barrier!


Hopefully some of you got to attend the 3rd Annual LBI FLY Kite Festival in Ship Bottom last weekend. It was a spectacular event with great weather, wind, and attendance. Here’s a video from local Jack Bushko of Island Surf and Sail displaying some of the many colorful kites and wind things that were on display.



Kites, a Farm Award, and The Clam Jam

Looking for something to do during this beautiful October weather we’ve been having.

First the LBI FLY kite festival returns for it’s third year.  Very exciting display of some magical and colorful flying machines! It’s this weekend! (10-7 & 8)

Seems Ethel E. school won an award for best “Farm”. It’s a beautiful garden they have grown over there. Link here for the SandPaper article w/all the details.

And for those interested in the ocean and it’s happenings keep an eye out for the 11th Annual Clam Jam. It’s a grass roots gathering of all LBI’s best surfers for a fun day of competition sponsored by Jetty.


Rip Currents and Speed Limits

A drive through North Beach and Harvey Cedars today revealed the 45mph speed limit. Nice addition to the early blinking traffic lights this year! It will help everyone get to Beach Haven for Chowderfest Weekend. But be careful, the south end has reduced speed limits and working traffic lights, as in the greens and reds are active!

Hopefully everyone is safe if any have been in the ocean. Hurricane Maria marched up the coast and sent very large swells to the entire eastern seaboard. Surf City has the rip current warnings up along w/no swimming. As of this posting there will still be a danger over the weekend as the swell train slowly recedes.

Here’s a few photos of the large surf being ridden here on LBI from the Hurricane Maria swells.


Blinking Lights and Trash

As of Friday, September 15th all traffic lights in Surf City are now blinking. This is a welcome change that came earlier than usual as typically they don’t start the blinkers until October after Chowderfest weekend.







If you are having trouble viewing the schedule here on the website try this LINK to the schedule.


Hurricane Season Awareness

SCTA would like everyone to be aware that we are now in peak hurricane season. As most of you probably know hurricane Irma was a serious category 5 storm which brought much destruction to the Caribbean, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. We are now looking at a smaller storm named Jose which is currently approaching the United States east coast. While this hurricane may be much less of a threat than Irma it definitely bears keeping a close watch as it is still possible for it to intensify. It looks like it may come within 200 miles of the New Jersey coast. A good website to help with it’s tracking and forecast is maintained by the National Hurricane Center. Please do monitor this hurricane and keep safe.


Large swell generated from Hurricane Jose

Off Season Update

Surf City will have the 12th to 14th street beaches open until Sunday, Sept 10. All other beaches will be swim at your own risk. After Sept. 10, no lifeguards will be on the beaches in Surf City. Please use caution when swimming or surfing on an unguarded beach.


Now that school is in session please take note of the graphic below to familiarize yourself with the proper laws regarding school buses when picking up and dropping off students.

School_Bus_Laws (1) (1)