Barnegat Avenue Road Work and Street Sweeping

Please be aware of the sewer drainage work being done on Barnegat Avenue. Below is a timetable of the scheduled work. The work will replace a few of the old storm drains that flow into the bay with upgraded ones that don’t allow plastics and other items to get into the system.

Spring street sweeping has been contracted for and at this time it’s scheduled for the week of April 23rd. It will be important that vehicles not be parked on side streets so that we can get the most thorough job possible. SCPD will be using social media to assist in alerting residents.

Barnegat Avenue Project. Due to three Nor’Easters over a period of about two weeks, the schedule for work on Barnegat Avenue has been amended. New dates are as follows and subject to further weather delays:11th – 5th Streets
* Mobilize and complete drainage installation – 4 weeks 3/14/18 – 4/11/18
* Curb Installation – 3 weeks 4/11/18 – 5/2/18
* Roadwork and Paving Installation – 2 weeks 5/2/18 – 5/16/18

5th – 3rd Streets

* Drainage – March 19 – March 29

* Concrete work – April 5 & 6
* Milling – April 9-April 11
* Paving – April 23 – 24
* Striping – April 27