Foul Shooting Contest a Big Success!

This past Friday, July 5th we hosted our annual Foul Shooting Contest! This contest was a big success. Girls and boys through age 18 had the chance to show their basketball skills and compete for cool prizes including ice cream coupons! In total, we had 70 kids participate. The top three winners, by age group, were as follows:


1st place –  Lacy Barnes

2nd  place –  Sabrina M

3rd place – Finn Glacken

7 to 9 :

1st place –  Owen N

2nd  place –  Sutton Chan

3rd place – Hannah Todd

10 to 12 :

1st place –  Patrick F

2nd  place –  Christopher Barnes

3rd place –  Andrew G

13  to 18 :

1st place –  Eleanor  Glirardet

2nd  place –  David C

3rd place –   Sara C

A special thanks to Coach Ron, Scott, Ellie and Chuck for making this event possible!