Mini Golf Tourney #1 and Hoops Happiness

Mini Golf Contest #1- Wednesday, July 12 10am – 11:45am
Island Golf – 6th Street & The Blvd. Sponsored by SURF CITY TAXPAYER ASSOCIATION
Family and friends play together and
compete individually for cash prizes in children,
teen and adult age groups. At Island Golf, 6th St. &
Long Beach Blvd.


28th Annual Foul Shooting Contest  hosted by The Surf City Taxpayers Association on Friday morning, July 7th. Sixty youngsters participated in the event with age groups from 6 through 18 years. The contest was witnessed by many parents, grandparents , and friends of the SCTA.

  In each age bracket the winner was awarded a basketball and the second and third place winners won coupons to play a round of miniature golf at Island  Golf. The winner of the age bracket 6 and under was Chase Scekinger. Finishing second was Valentina Vaccarino and placing third was Anne Palumbo. All players in this age bracket were also awarded a trophy.

  In the 7-9 year old age bracket Santo Plamenco and Mason Ughetta matched baskets in the first round and Santo ran the table in the shoot out round by making 10 baskets on 10 attempts. Mason nearly matched him again by going 9 for 10. Truly amazing performances by these young players. Finishing third was Killian Todd.

  In the age bracket 10 -12 twenty three participated and Owen Scekinger. the older brother of Chase, also took first place honors. In another shootout for second and third place Thomas Baxter prevailed over Cooper Pleyn.

  The Senior Division saw more sharpshooters on display. The winner was Elliot Meyer who dropped in 6  baskets in round one. There were four ties for the second and third place positions. The first shooter in the shoot out was Colin Meyer who was perfect, 10 for 10. Both the Meyer boys put on quite a show to the delight of the crowd. Finishing third was Ryan Owens.

  The 60 players were wonderful examples of good sportsrmanship. To have two shootouts, each won by making 10 consecutive shots is truly a remarkable feat.. Many thanks to sponsors of the event, Island Golf and Scoop City and to the volunteers. The events could not be held without the volunteers.

7 to 9 year old winners- Mason Ughetta, Santo Plamenco, Killian Todd

Ages 10-12 Winners- Owen Scekinger, Cooper Pleyn, Thomas Baxter

Ages 13 to 18 Winners- Elliot Meyer, Colin Meyer, Ryan Owens

6 and Under Winners- Chase Scekinger, Emma Wolin, Valentina Vaccarino, and Anne Palumbo.





Hope you all have been hitting the beaches lately. Surf City truly is a summertime paradise. Here are a couple of photos of the fun that’s been up there.




The SCTA reminds everyone to please remember to obey the traffic rules when riding and biking…and driving too!


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