Community Action Group: Flooding

The Surf City Taxpayer Association has created a new initiative to address the chronic flooding issues that affect so many homeowners in our town.

We’re pleased to announce the formation of the SCTA Community Action Group to Remediate Flooding. The long term goal is to help address — with tangible actions — the flooding that results from storms and the tides and sea level rise. We envision this as a long term effort, broken up into short, medium and long term phases.

This web page will serve as a repository for all the resources we’ve uncovered as well as keep you informed on our activities and updates.

North 2nd and Barnegat Flooding

Watch a Zoom Replay of our Inaugural Meeting

Our inaugural meeting took place on Saturday, November 20th, at 10:30 am, at the Surf City Firehouse — as well as on Zoom. In total, over 110 people attended. The goal of that meeting was to help catalogue and start to map what and where flooding problems exist in our town — and build a group of volunteers who’d like to help with the initiaitve.

Thanks to all who attended (and a big thank you to How You Brewin for providing the coffee and breakfast treats).

If you’d like to see a replay of the Zoom meeting, click here .

At the meeting, Rick Bushnell of ReClam the Bay shared a Flooding Overview Presentation. We also shared a tool that was created especially for this initiative. — a 4″ x 8″ map of Surf City — where we plan to document where flooding exists in town. Volunteers at the meeting placed dots on flooding spots and many have volunteered to take photos going forward. Below, you’ll first see two versions of the map; the first one shows the entire map. Then a second is a zoomed-in section of the map, highlighting one area in town. This is a replica of a digital version of this map which is housed at

How we are mapping the flooding problem in Surf City

Each dot is color coded to reflect the impact from flooding (i.e. are the streets impassable during flooding, is water entering garages and living spaces, etc.). Photos shown on the map are just a representation of the impact of flooding after one storm this year; each photo was taken at roughly the same time, on the same day.

How to volunteer (and how to submit photos once you’ve agreed to be a “Flood Chaser”)

We do not yet have the entire Borough covered. For those who would like to volunteer to get involved, you can become a Surf City “Flood Chaser”. Just email us at For an overview of how this works, please see below; this is an overview of the instructions for taking photos when you see flooding in town.

How to view submitted photos on

How to access additional resources we’ve compiled on flooding

Click below to download a list of resources that will orient you to the current problems as well as ways of understanding what can be done to prepare yourself for flooding events. Also, if you would like to volunteer to support this effort, we’ve create

One more note: We were happy to welcome many interested residents from other LBI towns to participate in this first meeting, Our aim is to share with them what we’re doing in Surf City and be able to learn from what they’re doing in their respective towns.

December 2021 Update

At the December Surf City Borough Council meeting, the Council approved a revision to all flooding ordinances. Below, you can download and read the new and old set of flooding-related ordinnaces.