Surf City – Beach Badge Information – 2016

Starting in May, the beach badge booth will be open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m – 4:30 p.m.
Full-season badges will be priced as follows:
$25.00 Pre-Season (if purchased or reserved on or before May 31st)
$35.00 Season (if purchased after May 31st)
A valid Surf City beach badge is required to be worn on the Surf City beaches from June 18th through
September 5th, 2016. Surf City beach badges are valid only in Surf City, not all of Long Beach Island.
Anyone who is 12 years of age through 64 years of age is required to wear a beach badge while on the beach in
bathing attire. Children 11 years of age and under, and seniors 65 years of age and over, are not required to
wear a beach badge. Once the season begins on June 18th, the following badges will be on sale at the
corresponding prices and will continue through Labor Day:
Daily–$7.00 each     Weekly–$18.00 each       Seasonal–$35.00 each 

If you find you will be unable to visit the beach badge booth on or before May 31st to purchase beach badges at
the reduced pre-season price, you may reserve seasonal badges by mail which may be picked up after May 31st
Mail your request to:

Borough of Surf City, 813 Long Beach Blvd., Surf City, NJ 08008, attention:Beach Badges.

Direct any
questions concerning your beach badge reservation to the Finance Office at (609) 494-2400.